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Winter Fashion Tips For Indian Women

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Here are some winter fashion tips for Indian women. Oversized pullovers have taken the ramp by storm this season. Although once confined to the male population during the colder months of the year, oversized pullovers are now a popular choice among women. However, this style of clothing does not necessarily mean that you need to be sloppy in your dress code. Oversized pullovers can add a casual chic vibe to any outfit. Choose a bold print or a bold color to create a dramatic effect.

If you have an existing winter wardrobe, consider adding a few key elements to make it fit the colder weather. While you’re at it, add some printed tights and leggings. A pair of bright coloured tights will keep you warm, and a printed scarf will give your outfit a pop of colour. Just be sure to layer up! If you don’t feel like going full-on crazy, consider wearing a denim jacket under a black dress or a skirt.

If you’re feeling extra hot during the winter, try slipping into a cozy sweater or a leather jacket. Both styles of jackets will look classy and elegant against a traditional Indian outfit. You can also wear a heavy shawl in place of a dupatta if you’d prefer a warmer look. For a regal appearance, consider using a handwoven pashmina shawl.

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