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What tests are done during an Immigration Medical?

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An Immigration Medical Examination is one of the first steps to obtaining citizenship in Canada. It is mandatory for all Permanent Residents and Permanent citizenship applicants to undergo this process before they can become a permanent resident of Canada. The Medical Examination includes three different tests. These are physical, medical and psychological. All three tests are administered to determine if an applicant has what it takes to be a good candidate for immigration into Canada.

The first test that is usually ordered during an Immigration Medical Examination is a physical exam. The person must be examined by a private medical practitioner and submit to a background and drug screening. This screening is required because there are many illegal immigrants that may not have the necessary medical records available to prove their identity or that they are who they say they are. Many illegal immigrants try to sneak over the border with false papers. Therefore, it is very important that everyone who wants to immigrate to Canada has their records completely checked and approved by a doctor before they can proceed with their journey.

The second type of tests that are performed during an Immigration Medical Examination is a written test. This type of test is usually required if the individual does not have English as a Second Language. Therefore, the person must either take an English Test for this purpose or show proof that they have taken and passed an English Test. Individuals that cannot speak or understand English well enough to have their written test approved may choose to take a Test of Written English.

The third type of written test that must be taken is a Personality Assessment. This type of assessment measures an individuals potentials for cooperation and peacefulness. The results of this assessment are then given to the M.D. In order to determine if an individual is truly suited for Canada immigration, the doctor will ask the M.D. to perform a number of psychological tests on the person.

The fourth type of exam that needs to be done is a Background Check. These types of tests are usually required if an individual wants to immigrate into Canada. They can be required for employment or as a pre-entry assessment for some immigration benefits. However, there is no such requirement for what psychological tests are performed during an Immigration Medical Examination. The doctor can request the individuals to undergo any psychological tests they feel are needed.

The fifth type of test that is usually done during an immigration medical examination is a drug test. Whether a person has a criminal record or not is a factor when an immigration doctor determines if a person should be allowed to enter Canada. Therefore, in order to be sure that an individual does not have a criminal record, they may require the individuals to take a drug test. Most of these tests are done through urine tests.

The sixth and last type of test that is usually done during an immigration medical examination is a hair analysis. Some people may not consider this type of test to be invasive, but the fact is that hair analysis can reveal whether or not a person has been exposed to chemicals that could be harmful to their health. If a person has been exposed to chemicals that could harm their health, then it is likely that they will develop cancer at some point in their life. This is something that can not be detected with saliva testing.

These are just a few of the types of tests that may be ordered during an immigration medical examination. Some tests are considered more intrusive than others. For this reason, you should make sure that you fully understand the scope of a test before you agree to it being conducted.

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