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Volkov Power Soft Golf Ball – Best For Beginners?

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The Volkov Power Soft golf ball is a revolutionary golf ball that offers outstanding driver play with low spin rates and high mid-range launch angle. The Volkov Power Soft is a high performance ball for golfing beginners, intermediate and advanced golfers. The Volkov Power Soft also has an oversized powerful power cored dual cavity core that provides an exceptional ball spin rate. The oversized lonomer cover also allows for great greenside control.

The Volkov Power Soft golf ball was engineered by the award-winning designers of Callaway and Mizuno, two of the most popular golf ball brands in the world. They spent time understanding what their customers wanted in a new golf ball and developed a high-energy core and a series of technologies that allows the club head to spin more rapidly, thereby providing the most penetrating shot possible. Their high-energy core is designed to move faster on impact as well as propel the ball long distances farther. A secondary objective was to create a high-magnification, high-performance lomeric face on the wedge. This face has the ability to generate a high amount of energy for maximum penetration.

With the innovative design features of the Volkov Power Soft golf ball, players are provided a premium driver that is made to provide great distance from the tee. The oversized power cored dual cavity core provides superior long drive distance with less missed hits on the fairway. The high-energy lomeric face of the volvik power soft driver allows for maximum amounts of backspin, resulting in extreme long and straight flight for a more consistent approach and stop.

Although the majority of golf balls are now low compression, the Volkov Power Soft golf ball is different. Volkov creates their low compression balls with an air-tight cavity that ensures that air can not escape. This provides a very comfortable feel with better control and better accuracy. Low compression golf balls are available in both regular and oversized sizes, and are produced in many standard sizes as well as many specialty sizes to address various needs.

Because Volkov Power Soft Golf Balls are so popular with high handicappers, beginners are encouraged to try these wonderful balls on the range and practice irons. Many beginners report that they are having fun and enjoying the game more because of the ease of use provided by the volkov golf ball. It is recommended that beginners start out by playing in a high-handicap range since the low compression design is not meant for low handicaps. However, some low handicappers have been able to benefit from the low compression design without sacrificing accuracy, control, and distance.

The new Volkov Power Soft Golf Ball comes in a standard, oversized, and mid-size single cavity design. It has an oblong shape that provides enhanced distance compared to the other models. This ball has an improved dimples that help to minimize slices and hooking. Overall, this ball seems to have everything that a new player would want in a high-quality, forgiving golf ball. Its high compression design, which helps to provide a firm feel while you are swinging, allows for a more accurate follow through. Its dimples help to keep the ball at the proper speed while it is in play.

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