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Types Of Beautiful Mehndi Designs

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Mehndi design is one of the most famous traditional elements of south Asian bridal wear. It is also one of the oldest. Mehndi means “Ashoka,” which is “after the ceremony.” It is usually applied at the end of the wedding ceremony. But other than weddings, Mehndi design is also used for other events such as marriages, Eid, birthday parties, Eid-ul-Fitr, and many more.

I have seen that people get confused when they see mehndi images with the term “fitna.” Fitna was a form of decorative thread used by Muslim women to decorate their husbands’ graves during caliphs. Although mehndi has evolved, fitna remains one of the most popular forms of Mehndi design. This is because fitna image credits portray an image that is very difficult to look upon.

There are various styles of mehndi design that you can try on. The best thing about these various styles is that they are made from various designs, patterns, and motifs. If you are fond of simple mehndi designs, here are some of the most simple motifs that you can try on.

This is an example of one of the most straightforward mehndi design styles. In this pattern, you will use two significant Arabic words, joined using an intricate pattern of lines. Although this may seem simple, it can be pretty beautiful. If you want to check on the word “Fitna” in Arabic, then you can look up the word “Fitna el Idris” on Pinterest. Here, you will find various images credits that display the word in various styles and some Arabic words with their translation in English.

This is an example of a middle finger mehndi that has been made out of a flower. The image credits show floral designs and Arabic words. The pattern here is simple, but it looks beautiful! To make this middle finger design, you can trace a simple flower on a piece of fabric, or you can use a piece of fabric and draw a flower.

Another simple Mehandi design that you can try on is the “mubarakha choli,” often referred to as the Indian wedding Mehandi. In this pattern, you will use a green Mehandi wrapped around your entire hands and arms and ends at the collarbone. You will choose the available different color patterns, such as plain, intricate, printed, or plain finished. Some brides opt to go with their zardozi (bridesmaids) in these hand mehndi-designed henna designs.

The “tour bun” is another one of the simple mehndi designs available. In this pattern, you will use three simple patterns instead of two. For example, if you opt for an Arabic design, you will add a pattern of two Arabic words and then a simple “tour bun” to hold them together. Brides usually add a ribbon with a jewel on the inside of the “taour bun” to look unique. These are just a few of the many simple mehndi designs available; you will surely be able to find one that matches the theme of your wedding.

As I mentioned before, these are just simple henna designs, which means that they are more prone to damage. When you are wearing your Mehandi design in an outdoor environment, then the chances are that it might get damaged by wind, sun, rain, etc. Just make sure that you take care of it. It would help if you also remembered to have someone professional apply the henna image credits to your Mehandi. Although henna images can be applied manually, some professionals have more expertise in this area. They are well-trained and can easily apply henna images, thus helping you get the perfect henna design simple pattern that suits your wedding image.


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