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The Recruitment And Training Facilities Of Indian Navy

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The recruitment and training facilities of Indian navy have come under serious strain due to rising age of its sailors and rising cases of fatal accidents at sea. To avoid such unfortunate incidents, the Indian navy has been implementing various measures including short service appointments for its sailors which is actually a two-month tour to take up crew training from existing ships of the Indian navy. Short Service Appointments are basically meant for senior officers who have served longer in the Indian navy and want to go on shore leave or train in fresh sea conditions and get acquainted with new life on board the ship. Short Service Appointments are normally made for five to eight days which is enough time to assess the skills and abilities of the candidate and also allow sufficient time to integrate them on board the ship. Indian navy has been successfully implementing this policy since last few years.

Now the question comes that if you are looking for Indian navySRD and AAS coaching in Delhi where can you find the suitable professional for your needs? The first step you should take is to understand exactly what type of candidate you are looking for. You can find different levels of experience for each candidate in Indian navy ssr and aa training. Experience in Indian navy ssr is required more by experienced crew members who have been on board for more than five years. Experience in AAS is required by younger crew members who want to upgrade their skills. For this it is necessary to look for candidates who have been on board for more than two years.

Indian navy is one of the oldest and biggest serving navy in the world and it requires experienced people to man its ships and run its administration. Now with the introduction of the IIT JEE exam for a better career opportunity many would have changed their careers and retired with a handsome salary in hand. The introduction of this exam in India has made it possible for fresh candidates in the navy to join and start a bright career.

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