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Rehab Trailer Kit – A full-scale firefighter rehabilitation program

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Rehab Trailer Kit : CrewBoss’ new Fire Rehab Trailer was built to comply with NFPA 1584 rehabilitation standards. The trailer can be deployed on the spot in minutes and provides all you need for a full-scale firefighter rehabilitation program. This support trailer is custom-designed to store and transport everything from the Vehicle and Cart Kits. Here you will find all information about rehab triage treatment, rehab trailer kit, triage treatment area,
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The rehab trailer can be used as an EMT treatment area with enough space for four firefighters and one EMT or a single gurney for multiple EMT staff.

Firefighter Rehabilitation Trailer

The ProPac Firefighter Rehabilitation Trailer provides an environmentally-controlled location at the display of an incident and functions as an EMT treatment room to help keep your responders safe and reach the NFPA 1584 standard.
ProPac will design and equip your emergency trailer to meet all of your needs.
Below are some examples of typical features and specifications.
ProPac Firefighter Rehab trailer offers a variety of options, including external showers, bench seating, HVAC, 110V lighting, and exterior lighting. Retractable awnings are also available.

ProPac can also stock your trailer in firefighter rehabilitation equipment such as rehab tags and core cooling kits, chair and towels and misting fan, misting fans, fire blankets, and first aid kits. Inflatable light towers can be mounted to fire trucks or emergency vehicles.
Specifications and Typical Features
You can also request other sizes, features, and capacities. Talk to a ProPac specialist to meet your needs.
SMART Trailer (TM)
“Specialized-Mobile – Advanced Rehab – Technologies”

The SMART TrailerTM is not your average Firefighter Rehab Trailer. It provides Prehab and Rehab services in both hot and cold environments. It meets or exceeds NFPA1584, Standard on Rehabilitation for Members Through Emergency Operations and Training Exercises. SMART Trailer(TM), designed by a veteran firefighter, is intended for all first responders. It is our number one resource: Our Brothers and Sisters.
Fort Drum, an upstate New York military reservation, purchased this Rehab/Triage Treatment Trailer to use in their Fire and Emergency Services division. Depending on the customer’s requirements, this 39-foot unit is available in either a 31- or 35-foot configuration.

Rehab Trailer Kit – A full-scale firefighter rehabilitation program

The trailer interior is divided into three segments: a triage/treatment area, a bunk, and a rehabilitation section. The triage/treatment area is set up like a doctor’s office. It has a sink, workstation, and all the components necessary to administer oxygen to patients. There is also an access door that can accommodate a stretcher. A floor drain is available for cleaning. The rear rehabilitation section includes padded benches and a COOL SHIRTS cooling unit that allows up to six (6) firefighters to be treated simultaneously. This unit’s midsection has six (6) beds with privacy curtains and courtesy lights.
Western Shelter Mobility has a variety of mission-focused trailer designs, with Firefighter Rehab Trailers one of our most sought-after product lines. These rehab units can be purchased through CrewBoss PPE and come in standard sizes of 10-20 feet. The Rehab Trailer has several unique features that enable it to be used as a support vehicle for search and rescue. This special project is featured in the video. You can also read the post below.
About Firefight Rehab
Extreme conditions are a constant threat to firefighters’ safety and effectiveness. The effects of smoke inhalation and heat from direct flames can all be devastating. These risk factors can be mitigated by the rehab process, which provides an environment controlled that allows firefighters to return to their normal vital signs. CrewBoss Rehab Trailers have a set of features that support this mission and conform to NFPA 1584 requirements.

  • Exterior Features

As an economical way to increase space and protect from the sun, rain, snow, almost all our Rehab Trailers are equipped with awnings. To hang turnouts, we attached a gear rack to the bottom of the awning. Emergency lighting and the Whelen scene are also available for nighttime visibility.
While gas and diesel generators have proven to be reliable, they can also produce significant amounts of exhaust and are noisy. We chose a liquid propane generator because we believe that firefighters need clean air. Propane is cleaner and can be easily refueled by swapping out canisters.

  • Interior Features

All rehab systems require comfortable seating in a controlled environment. The trailers have padded benches that can fold up for storage when not in use. This particular trailer was equipped with the most powerful HVAC unit to keep the interior cool in summer and warm in winter. To separate the rehab seating and the rest of the trailer, custom-made rollup curtains were used.

The trailer is equipped with a kitchenette to prepare hot meals for the responders on the ground. A mini-fridge allows cold storage of water or sports drinks, which is essential for rehab. We also included a full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower in the front. These features were necessary for the trailer’s secondary mission, which was to be a search-and-rescue support system. This brings us to its final feature.
This trailer is equipped with a ramp door that can support loads in the back and bed-liner flooring. It was made to transport a variety of ATVs and UTVs as well as side-by-sides for search and rescue missions.

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