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Motu Patlu : A Fictional Comic Book

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Motu Patlu is one of the two main protagonists of Motu Patlu ( Hindi: Motu), a fictional comic book series based on ancient Indian Mythology. He is the primary protagonist of this series who lives in a small village named Patlukula, located in Northern India. One of his friends in this village is an adult named Dery. Dery’s younger sister Nandini is an aspiring actress that is often seen by her side. She has a twin brother called Pappu, who is also an accomplished actor in the movies.

Motu Patlu revolves around the exploits of three youths who move to a small southern Indian state to follow their dream of becoming renowned actors. During one of their activities on the farm, they encounter the ghost of a deceased king who wants them to kill him to inherit his kingdom. However, when they refuse, the king sends his demon assassin, Kahler, to kill them. Motu and his friends manage to get out of harm only to find that the bodies of their dead friends have turned into vampires. When Motu, Dery, and Nandini go on a quest to find a cure for vampires, they come across the Motu village where a buffalo rider named Bimbis has already been transformed into a vampire.

This first episode centers around the relationship between Motu Patlu and Dery, who have been inspired by his friend Pappu. Dery decides to pursue his acting ambitions by accepting the offer of appearing at a samosas festival to land a role. Motu, along with his two friends Bikram and Chittam, is given the task of guarding the entrance to the festival. When Motu goes missing, Chittam becomes very frustrated and decides to use his powers of illusion to make himself appear as Motu Patlu in front of Bikram and convince him to return to India.

The next episode sees Motu and his friends Bikram and Chittam attempting to save a tribal girl from attackers. Motu, Chittam, and Bikram enter the forest where the attacker, who is, in fact, a monkey, tries to attack them. However, they manage to flee from the monkey and confront the tribal girl. The girl manages to poison Bikram, but Chittam manages to save him. Although Chittam succeeds in his task, Bikram gets injured in the process.

The third episode sees the characters from the first season of the original series make another appearance. This time, they are assisted by the vampire hunter Bikram. After some initial friction between Motu and Bikram, they come to know of each other’s mission. The three then go on to save the girl, who zombies guard. A shotgun-wielding zombie nearly kills Chittam, but Chittam manages to shoot it with his silver nail.

One popular Hindi comedy series which has become popular in India is Ka Long. It is an animated series of five episodes. The first episode of Ka Long sees Motu and Bikram trying to save an older woman from a cannibalistic snake. Motu succeeds in this task, but later on, Bikram has to help him save the older woman who has been locked in a room. The two heroes manage to escape from the prison in which they find the older woman who is about to be starved to death.

The second episode of Ka Long sees Motu and Bikram traveling through the jungle with a lean pack on their backs. They encounter several monkeys and are forced to kill them. The monkeys, however, have other plans and attack Motu and Bikram.

Motu manages to defeat the monkeys but is badly injured. Bikram manages to defeat the monkeys’ leader and save the woman. The next episode sees them traveling through an abandoned village that is guarded by several skeletons.

A cartoon character known as Chotu has a starring role in one episode of Motu Patlu and Samosaar. Chotu appears as a powerful and vicious monkey who carries a mallet and uses it to smash the legs of unsuspecting men. The village women are not impressed by this act and warn the hero and his friends not to cross the line. Chotu then proceeds to use his mallet to flatten a group of men and a woman. The boys are warned not to use their weapons on any man or animal, and Chotu finally joins them after the heroes rescue him, and they proceed to help Chotu free the village from the rule of a crocodile.

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