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Importance of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

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Home inspections are important because they determine the condition and safety of a property before you buy it. It is the buyer’s right to request a home inspection prior to the close of escrow. Home inspections help save you time, money, and aggravation. In addition to the advantages listed above, purchasing a home with a pre-purchase building inspection will give you peace of mind. A pre-purchase inspection helps assure you that your investment is in safe, reliable, and competent hands.

Home inspectors have been hired by real estate agents for many years. It’s just a matter of making buyers aware of the importance of an inspection. It’s part of a buyer’s “Buyer Broker Lawyer” that has been recognized by the courts. The law covers the Real Estate Broker and his or her client. As an agent, I’m required by law to conduct these inspections on behalf of my clients.

Why would anyone be interested in a pre-purchase building inspection? A home inspection helps you know if the home you’re considering purchasing has any problems that can’t be seen during a visual inspection. If you don’t purchase a home that has undergone this type of inspection, you may find that you have spent a great deal of money for a home that does not meet or exceed the expectations you had when you purchased it. A comprehensive inspection is essential to buying a home.

Before purchasing a home, make sure to get a written inspection from the seller. This will eliminate or limit any disputes that could arise at a later date. A buyer who knows all about the condition of the house he is purchasing is more likely to feel comfortable financing the purchase. It is also the seller’s responsibility to provide the buyer with a written inspection report. If the seller won’t do this, it is advisable to have the inspector inspect the house.

Why would you need a home inspection? If you purchase a home and discover major problems, such as: structural problems, roof leakages, ceiling issues or pest infestations, it is not in your best interest to purchase the home. Problems that are found during a home inspection can result in your having to pay for expensive repair or replacement work, or it may result in your getting taken to court because you were unaware of the health hazards the home contained. A pre-purchase home inspection helps you avoid these types of situations.

When you hire an inspector to conduct a home inspection, he is supposed to give you a detailed written report. The report usually outlines the findings from the inspector’s inspection. This report should contain all of the pertinent information you need to make an informed decision on purchasing the home. Some of the items the home inspection report may contain include:

So why the importance of a home inspection? If a problem is found, the inspector has the authority to correct the problem before your purchase the home. This gives you peace of mind that you are making a good investment when you choose to buy a home with significant problems. Many buyers do not like to wait for significant problems to be discovered before purchasing a home.

When you hire a home inspector to perform a home inspection, you protect yourself from buying a lemon. You also have peace of mind because the home inspector is trained to detect problems and give you a reasonable time frame in which to repair or replace the issue. Home inspectors have the experience to spot problems so that you don’t waste valuable time and money fixing a problematic issue before making a decision. The inspection services provided by the majority of professional home inspector companies help give you this type of peace of mind when you’re thinking about purchasing a home.

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