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How to Dry Wood Fast for Woodworking

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If you are into woodworking at home, it will surely be on your list of things to do. However, if going to have any dry wood, it’s most likely impossible for now. Every time you have something wet, always ending up with a damp wood. People who have hobbies such as woodworking may find it difficult. However, those who haven’t tried working with wood yet can surely find this hard. For those who don’t know how to dry wood fast for woodworking, may read on.

As need to work with wood anyway, those who have hobbies like woodworking need to learn how to dry wood fast for woodworking also. Anyhow, those who don’t have hobbies can learn how to do so. Why must they learn how to do so? If they do this, even those who have wood working at home can take care of their drying needs.

If you want to know how to dry wood fast for woodworking, you must understand the reason why wet wood stays moist. It’s because of its surface area and cross-section. A piece of dry wood, by nature, will dry up fast because its surface area will be smaller than the wet one. When you want to dry a piece of wet wood, you can use a hair dryer to blow air into it.

You can also use a table fan or a kiln drying rack. These devices will help dry the wood evenly and thoroughly without leaving any crevices or spaces. Kiln drying racks are available in different sizes; you can buy small, medium, large and extra large ones.

How to dry lumber fast for woodworking is also knowing how much moisture content there is in the wood. Some types of woods have more moisture content than other types of woods. If you’re a beginner in woodworking, it’s wise that you choose a type of wood that has less moisture content. On the other hand, you should never go too far with the moisture content as well. A lower moisture content means that your wood will dry faster and the procedure will take lesser time.

To determine the moisture content of your wood, simply take a few pieces of wood and dip them into water. Afterward, drop them on a piece of dry towel or a stick dipped in water. The dampness level of the pieces of wood will give you an idea of how much moisture they contain. A high moisture content wood will take a longer time to dry while a low moisture content wood will only take seconds. Once you’ve determined the moisture content of the wood, calculate it against the moisture content of the kiln you’re using in order to calculate how long the wood will take to dry.

Once you know the moisture content of the wood, you’ll need to do a little calculations in order to determine how long it will take for you to achieve the best results when drying stack wood. First, calculate the drying time between air-drying and air-packing. Drying between air drying and air packing is faster than air-drying since there is less time for evaporation. If you’re a beginner in air-drying, then you might want to start with a lower temperature than you are planning on using to dry the stack wood.

Calculate the amount of drying time needed for each inch of stack wood by multiplying the total length by the amount of drying time required per inch. Then divide the total length by the number of inches to get the drying time per inch. Use a piece of tape to keep your tape measure right outside the door of your kiln so you can just glance at the clock in case you need to adjust the setting before you start the air-drying process.

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