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Genetic Testing for Weight Loss and Diet/Fitness Testing in India

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Genetic testing and metabolic screening test are the new wave of personalized healthcare services in India. The rapid growth of private laboratories and their growing demand for this testing have made it possible. In countries like UK and US most of the family doctors perform genetic testing for obesity and other obese conditions. However, there are still many problems in doing genetic testing, like its accuracy. Many family doctors may use the wrong test for various tests. And genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia or diabetes will be difficult to detect through metabolic screening test cost in India.

As private laboratories charge much less for genetic testing and other tests than the government institutions, they have become very popular among people. And most of them provide personalized healthcare services to their customers. But, still there are many flaws in it. For example, the test cost in India is much higher compared to that in US and Europe. Also, the information provided by them is not accurate.

There are many problems in performing metabolic screening test cost in India. First, most of them do not provide full information on the metabolic type of person. Second, most of them use different testing methods that make the test cost bigger.

But, there are many solutions to all these problems. The first solution is to get your metabolic screening test done through a laboratory that is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). FDA approval can assure you that the test is reliable and affordable. It also assures that your test is not rejected by any other laboratories.

You may ask what makes a good laboratory? A good laboratory will have proper tools, staff and facilities to perform your genetic testing in India with high accuracy and reliability. Some of them also offer DNA analysis of blood samples to confirm your genetic type. Some of them also offer counseling and help on genetic disorders. They also offer consultations on drug treatment to pregnant women and breast feeding mothers. Some of them also offer counseling on diet and fitness program.

But, the test cost in India differs from one country to another. The cost of your genetic testing may also differ depending on the location of the lab. Some of them charge per test while some of them offer it for an entire year at nominal price. Usually the cost of metabolic testing in India is less than $ 200. So, you can save a lot of money if you go to an authorized laboratory for your health related tests.

Genetic testing for weight loss and diet/fitness testing in India are now very easy due to internet and Rapid DNA technology. With online testing, you can avail your test anytime and anywhere as per your convenience. It helps to avoid any confusion in the future. Moreover, there is no long lab visit, and you can collect your test result in no time.

Thus, if you want to lose some weight, visit any of the authorized laboratory for your test now and get results within no time. If you want to stay fit and fine, then go for a test today. You will surely be amazed with the fat loss results in a few days of testing!

As per the cost, Genetic test cost is also varies from country to country. In other words, if you are from America then it would cost you a lot more as compared to the genetic test cost in India. India’s test cost is much lower than any other place in the world. So, go for an authorized laboratory and get tested today for free and paid at a later stage.

Genetic tests for losing weight, metabolic rate and genetic diseases are now easily available over the internet. So, there is no need to run to any lab or to pay heavy bills for the tests. Just log on to the web and take the test at home at your convenient time. You will get the results within couple of days and then start the treatment accordingly.

Nowadays, lots of online labs are also providing these services and you can get your test conducted by them easily. But make sure that they are authorized and certified to conduct tests at the state level. Genetic testing for weight loss and diet/fitness are now made easy and reliable by the help of various Genetic testing websites present on the internet. These websites provide you free home testing kits and guidelines on how to get tested. But you need to bear in mind that the results will be incomplete if they are not accurate. So, always be careful and look for genuine and validated service providers.

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