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Clinical Exome Sequencing Test Price in India

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Clinical Exome Sequencing is undoubtedly the fastest and most accurate test to diagnose a patient at his home with the help of a computer. It has been launched in the year 2021. It helps to diagnose the disease very accurately in a very short span of time. In clinical exome sequencing in India, clinical staff and technicians work together in order to execute the exome sequencing test. This service is provided by numerous hospitals and clinics. In this article I am describing some key factors that affect clinical exome sequencing test price in India.

The clinical exome sequencing test in India is not covered by any healthcare cover and therefore the clinical charges are much higher than that of clinical tests performed at hospitals and clinical laboratories. The clinical exome sequencing in India is an important part of clinical chemistry analysis which helps to determine the disease based on genetic material present in blood samples. A clinical exome test is also used for genetic fingerprinting as it assists in assigning a patient’s genetic pattern as compared to another patient with similar genetic pattern. Most clinical exome test cost in India is comparatively higher than clinical tests performed at national laboratories because the clinical cost of exome sequences can be equally high as that of sequencing DNA samples. But clinical exome sequencing test cost in India is still much lower than clinical DNA test cost.

It has been observed that clinical exome analysis test cost in India is considerably higher than clinical exome analysis cost in clinical facilities. This is due to several factors. The clinical exome analysis cost at national level includes administrative expenses, medicines, lab fees, clinical management cost etc. But clinical exome analysis cost in India include only the cost of exome sequence and clinical facility charges apply only to genetic material collected from patients under the custody of doctors and nurses. All the clinical exome analysis and related tests are conducted on the basis of patient records and medical history of patients. As per the guidelines of IPCR, clinical exome analysis and related clinical testing should be conducted on the basis of patient records only and exome sequences should be collected and analyzed according to the instructions of clinical authorities.

On the contrary clinical facility costs in India are much lower as compare to clinical facility costs in clinical laboratories. For clinical facility costs, clinical facility staff and medicines must be employed. In case of clinical exome sequencing, genetic material from patient’s blood is collected and processed by Illumination & Northern blot hybridization process. The generated DNA is then inserted in the appropriate sample library and purified using high temperature method using appropriate techniques.

The generated DNA is then processed and run through various quality control measures to check for any error. If any error is detected then it is corrected immediately. Hence clinical facility costs in India are comparatively lower as compared to clinical facilities in USA and European countries. The clinical facility staff can be paid from the service charges collected from customers.

According to clinical exome sequencing cost in India, some other additional steps are involved in the process. The first and foremost thing is that the clinical exome sequencer is shipped by freight from Indian warehouse to the client’s location. It takes about 7 days for delivery of the completed product. After the delivery, the product is tested for one or two business days and then packed and delivered to the required clients.

Clinical exomesequencers from Indian companies are reliable devices and perform exogenously. They can provide the customer with back-up data and extra information when needed for the clinical facility costs in India. This has helped many clinical facilities to reduce the clinical facility costs and save more revenue by reducing the number of medical tests ordered by the staff.

Many clinical facility costs in India can be controlled if the staff are well organized. They need to train other staffs to be efficient in their job. They should constantly update themselves about the clinical exome sequencer and its uses. The clinical exome sequencer testing process has many phases and involves several steps. Proper management helps to maximize the productivity of clinical facility.

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