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Callaway Golf Balls – How to Improve Your Game

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Callaway Golf has a new slogan this season, “Callaway Warbler Ball,” and they are sticking with it. This new Callaway golf ball is made out of a rubber compound that helps to dampen the noise from the golf ball hitting the green, but still allowing the player to have a great all-around performance. The Warbler golf ball features a dimpled surface and has a deep dimple in the middle of the green.

The Callaway Warbler balls for the ladies are called “Ladies Warbird Ball” and have a much softer rubber grip on the ball to help prevent slice shots. The “Ladies Warbird” is also a mid-to high handicap golf ball with a medium distance for a professional look. They offer the same all-around quality as other Callaway balls, such as the drivers, irons, and the putters, as well as the legendary “Volleyball” series of golf balls.

The Callaway Warbird Ball was designed with two unique technologies to help players attain their full potential, and get more out of their round. They combine Callaway’s legendary high-energy core technology with Callaway’s hex aerodynamics and dual slice perfection. The dual slice perfection refers to the way the ball flies after contact, and how it follows the contour of the golf ball. The hex aerodynamics technology is the Callaway answer to reducing drag and weight while maintaining high-speed, high-distance flight.

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