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BoAt Rockerz is the most popular and original Bluetooth ear phones of its kind. Are you looking for a top quality pair of Bluetooth earphones to go wire free? Well look no more. With their cutting edge technology and ease of use, they make a compelling case for themselves. With redefining your look with sleek black and neon green combination of the awesome rockerz color combo, they really make a stand out fashion statement.

The Bluetooth headset is a product of Reebok, which is a world leader in sport fitness equipments. They are quite popular all over the globe. But what makes Boatel’s Rockerz so unique is the fact that it works just like a conventional pair of earphones, but has wireless capability. This means that you can put your hands in your pockets and still listen to your favorite music. Read on to find out why the Boats Rockerz are so popular, and our Boatl Rockerz 256 Review to find out how the faulty product got such a rave.

The first pros and cons we shall look at are the pros. Compared to conventional Bluetooth earphones, the Boats Rockerz feature wireless connectivity. Thus you do not need to carry an extra cable or wires from one device to another, which eliminates the need for bulky adapters and wires. This is a big plus point for many users. Moreover, since it works as a wireless headset, you do not need to deal with battery drainage and signal dropouts, two drawbacks seen with most other Bluetooth headsets.

Cons: While the Boats Rockerz are wireless, they also feature wired earpieces. While this is fine for a boat rocker, most people will opt for charging their devices in their vehicle, as opposed to having a portable battery for their phone. If you do not want to take an extra set of wires for your vehicle charging, you might prefer a different style of wireless earphone. The cons with this include that some devices will require a separate power adapter, which can be bulky and be prone to damage. In the Boats Rockerz255 review, some users have noted that some models require an adapter, which can be quite a pain to procrastinate plugging it into the cigarette lighter or into the wall outlet in your car.

We now look at the cons. While the charging system for the boaters Rockerz is easy to work with, other models will necessitate more specialized setups. The most popular and highly rated is the Rockerz Python which allows you to connect to your device via the USB port on your laptop. This is fine if you are rock climbing or hiking, but if you intend to use your boat often then you will likely prefer one of the other options. There are a few cons here as well, namely that these models can be bulky and difficult to charge.

The final piece in our boating test is a quick look at the Bluetooth connectivity. There is really only one mode, which is basic connectivity using the default ports, however we will look at whether or not the Bluetooth adapter is required. At the end of the day, you will probably be choosing which device you prefer for controlling your music play and Internet connection rather than the bluetooth port and size of the battery. The cons with this device are similar to the charging port choice, but we wanted to see how close the two could be so you could actually rock out and feel like you rocking your boat!

So, overall, we have found the Bluetooth earphones provided a reliable experience, with the on-screen display providing simple and clear control of the volume and song selection, and the battery life extending to up to ten hours. If you are looking for something more customisable there are a couple of models available which feature a remote with built-in controls, as well as the standard on-screen buttons. The one thing we did not like about this model was the lack of battery life, but the extra battery does reduce the need for an additional charging station, which could be handy depending on where you are. When it comes to durability, the Rockerz Python performed well, with very little fraying and cracking in the earphones, and even the new one arrived with free replacement plates.

Overall, the Rockerz Python is a great choice if you want lightweight, portable earphones with outstanding sound quality. Although the on-screen menu does not change much from its predecessor, it does make life easier by allowing you to easily see which earphones are currently in use, allowing you to switch from one setting to the other with ease. And, best of all, the new model takes just minutes to charge, making them perfect for those who want to leave the office but still get to listen to their favourite songs or listen to their radio show. With a price that is not much higher than many of the other popular earphones on the market today, the Rockerz Python will be a sensible choice for all consumers, whether they are looking to buy online or from their local phone retailer.

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